Engineering Application

Allow our 25 years of experience to work for you. By completing and submitting an Application Data Sheet, we can review your application and offer a Vacuum Pump Design (Liquid Ring, Rotary Vane, Vacuum Blower, Rotary Piston Pump etc.) which is suited for the Gases / Vapors being pumped.

Product Selection

When a vacuum process is in the R & D stage, certain process parameters such as: Optimum Vacuum Level, Gas flow Stream , Temperature and Time are defined . This definition then begins the outline and selection of the materials of construction, pump design, and electrical specification needed to generate the final product. Vacuum systems which consist of Pumps and Blowers , Electrical control Panels, PLC’s and related accessories can be difficult at best to interpret . Global Vacuum LLC will provide the necessary man-hours to demonstrate the proper operation of a Vacuum System purchased and designed by them.

Pump Evaluation and Rebuild

If a vacuum pump displays signs of oil Leakage, loss of vacuum , or high current draw, it is probably in need of a rebuild. Global Vacuum and its partners can provide a vacuum pump evaluation for a minimal fee. Upon completion of the evaluation, a Customer will receive a written explanation of component failure and the cost to replace them.

Global Vacuum, LLC has the resources and knowledge to remanufacture a variety of vacuum pumps and blowers. All pumps and blowers are carefully dismantled, thoroughly inspected, rebuilt to meet OEM specs, and tested to assure proper working order.

We service the following manufacturers:

Field Service

On Site service of Vacuum Pumps and system accessories is available to customers and end-users. Installation of Major and Minor rebuild kit can usually be performed at the customer’s location. Consideration to component size and weight play an important role in the decision to complete “On-site Service”.